Worship With Us

Sundays at 10:30am 
Join our “blended” worship service
with Interim Pastor, Rev. David Brown


Sundays at 5:00pm  
Join our “Gospel Praise” worship
with Rev. Dr. Charles Montgomery


July 2012


July 2012

Worship with Us this Summer!

 10:30am Blended Service

Rev. Margaret G. Connor preaching


July 1 –    Rev. Dr. Charles Montgomery preaching

July 8 –    Seth Stout preaching

     Scripture - Mark 6:1-13

     Message – “OPP”

July 15 –  People of the Book: King Herod

July 22 –  People of the Book: The Crowd

July 29 –  Rev. Bertie Dell preaching

5:00pm Contemporary Service

Rev. Dr. Charles Montgomery preaching

The Call of MosesSermon Series:  The Making of a Leader

The story of Moses is a remarkable testimony of God's providence and provision in calling an ordinary individual to extraordinary leadership.  From his divine rescue at the Nile, to his triumphant march leading the people of Israel through the Red Sea, Moses' life is a timely lesson on how God raises up leaders for his purposes.  In this series, we will examine the life of Moses to glean lessons on how God makes a leader.


Healing Service

We will have a healing service on
Sunday evening July 22nd at 5:00pm
It will include laying on of hands, anointing,
and a special time of prayer and reflection. 
Everyone is invited.


Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.  Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.    

~ Margaret Cousins





Dear Friends,

This year - our 50th year in ministry - is a year of appreciation.  I say that every week from the pulpit and continue to provide encouragement for us to appreciate the blessings of our lives and also to grow (appreciate) in faith. 

This summer is the beginning of our “Appreciative Inquiry Project” which I hope will involve the entire church.  Appreciative Inquiry is a process in which we look at our life together as a church and embrace that which gives us life.

Our plan is to give everyone an opportunity to reflect on our experience at Karl Road Christian Church and remember those times and people and experiences that have helped us to grow in our spiritual life.  For the next few months we (the elders and I) invite you to a time of sharing your own experiences so that we might continue to discern what plans God has for us in the futures.

There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin or you can contact me or your elder to set up a time for a conversation.  I look forward to this time which I am sure will be positive and life giving for us all as we continue to live into our “Year of Appreciation.”

See you in worship!



Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Keep on doing the things that you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you.                                                                    Phillipians 4:8-9 

Jesus Spends Some Time AloneSummer of Appreciation: An Hour with God
Pastor Connor will offer a time of “Lectio Divina” and
 contemplative prayer this summer once a
month in the evening and in the morning.
 This is a time for rest, spiritual renewal, and
deepening your relationship with God.
Everyone is welcome.  We will meet in the Library
Thursday evenings - from 7:15p - 8:15
July 19, August 16
 Tuesday mornings - from 10a – 11a
July 24, August 21

Christian Education


Vacation Bible School 2012 – Register Now! Operation Overboard logo

VacationBible Schoolwill be held the week of July 23-27 with the theme, Operation Overboard:

Dare to Go Deep With God.  Look for the VBS table in the narthex to register for ages 3–Grade 8, by school grade completed.  You may also call the church (888-3444),     e-mail Nicole Bunch at sobeit89@yahoo.com, or register on the church’s website.


VBS Snack Items Needed

VBS has some snack item needs for our week of Operation Overboard, July 23-27.  The following items are needed:  dessert size paper plates, napkins, 5 oz. cups, plastic spoons, powdered koolaid (yellow, red, blue, and purple), bottles of apple juice, gold-fish crackers, graham crackers, vanilla frosting, raisins, cheerios, pretzels, boxes of blue gelatin, ranch dressing, canned mandarin oranges. If you are able to donate any of these items, please place them in the kitchen, marked VBS, or give them to Jeanmarie Moss. 

Thanks so much for your generosity!


4thof July Parade

Indepedence DayOur church will be participating in the Northland Independence Day Parade, which will take place on the morning of July 4th and travel down Karl Road between Morse Road and 161.  Our church’s entry will be a float highlighting our VBS theme, Operation Overboard, and will feature a giant submarine.  Children, youth, and adults are all welcome to be involved in this community event.  We will need volunteers to ride on the float, as well as to pass out flyers along the parade route.  Volunteers will also be needed for a lemonade stand in front of our church.  If you can help, please contact Carol Fry or Marilyn Waldsmith, or call the church at 614-888-3444. 


Safety TeamThe Safety Committee recognizes that occasionally we do have situations where those who are using the church for worship or other activities during the week suffer medical injuries.  Also, we know there are times when the church is the target of vandalism which results in property damage.  In order to document these situations we have developed an Accident/Incident Report Form.  This simple one page form should be completed when anyone suffers a medical injury while on church property and to report vandalism, theft, property damage, etc., within the church.

Blank forms can be found in a folder marked Safety Committee in front of the individual member folders in the narthex.   After the form is completed place it back in the Safety Committee folder where it will be reviewed and if necessary any follow-up action will take place.  If you are concerned about confidentiality you may place the completed form in a sealed mailing envelope.  All completed forms will be filed in a secure location.

We believe it is important to be notified of any accident or incident involving the church so the situation can be evaluated and if needed necessary steps taken to avoid such a situation in the future.  Your cooperation in this is appreciated.  If you have any questions, you may direct them to the Safety Committee. 


Ordination Service


You are invited to the Ordination of

Seth David Stout

CambridgeFirst Christian Church

1127 Beatty Avenue, Cambridge OH 43725


Saturday, July 21 ~ 3pm
RSVP by July 14 to
740/439-2853 or august2171@aol.com


Saturday, July 21, 2012 at three p.m., Seth David Stout will be ordained as a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of  Christ)
and as a servant for the Body of Christ Universal.
This is an act of entrusting Seth with the role of Servant-Leadership. 
He would be honored to have you participate in that act.
Seth has asked that Green be the color of the day—for both clothes and stoles.  Following the service, you are invited to enjoy the hospitality and home-cooked food of Cambridge First Christian’s congregation. 


ROMEOs - 8:30am Fridays
(Retired Old Men Eating Out)
For more information on ROMEOs,
contact Chuck Truex at @ 614-846-6406. 
July 6  – The Pancake House
                129 W Schrock Road 
July 13 – Friendly’s 161
July 20 Scrambler’s   
                Cleveland Ave.
June 29   Bob Evans - 161/71
   JULIETs - 9:15am Thursdays  
(Just Us Ladies Interested in Eating Too)
For more information on JULIETs,
 call June Nirote, 614-523-0733.
July 5 Panera Westerville
July 12 First Watch Polaris
July 19   Tim Horton’s 161
July 26   Bob Evans

Camp is for Everyone!!Church Camp

There are a number of different opportunities for so many different ages at Camp Christian this Summer. See below for dates and Regular Prices. Registrations need to be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the first day of the conference being attended, otherwise there is a $20 fee. (Camps listed in chronological order.)

WilmingtonCYF Camp @ Camp Christian (Grades 9-12),
July 29 - August 4, $330.
MiamiChi Rho Camp @ Camp Christian (Grades 6-8),
August 5-11, $330.
Advance @ Camp Christian (Summer after High School Graduation until 29 yr old),
August 12-19, $330.
More Information is available at http://www.ccinoh.org/camp/schedule.aspx,
Or, contact the Regional Office at (614) 433-0343

Seth Stout is the KRCC contact for camp…you can reach him (voice/text) at 614-352-7705 or via email at sethdavidstout@yahoo.com 

Our New Diversity Team


Our church is forming a “Diversity Team.”  This is coming out of our year of appreciation as we recognize that to become a church of “Radical Hospitality” it is helpful to understand our differences and learn how to communicate, accept, and love each other.

The Diversity Team will receive anti-racism training and continue to offer the church opportunities for study and conversation around all the diversity that is ours here at Karl Road Christian Church.  If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting new team, please contact Pastor Connor. 



Youth Sunday



On June 3, Youth Sunday…three young women shared powerful messages of overcoming obstacles in their lives with God’s help.  The following are excerpts from what they shared:



Jenna Bryant-  "On a Friday morning back in October, I found my dad unconscious on the ground. I was really scared, but God gave me courage to call 911. Later when I found out my dad was okay, my faith with God became stronger than ever before."


Elli Korcok– “Its funny how you can look at your past however long ago it was and feel so sick of who you were and how you felt so small that you felt like no one could know how you feel and how you just wanted to fade till you weren’t seen anymore.

If you know this feeling, then you would also know how it feels when you get to the point of saying “No more will I go in to this trap again, and No more will I walk away from the love that was always here for me.”  My past has really made me change the way I see things, I have been in a world that I now regret stepping into even for a second. 

But standing here today I am here to say that I am not so small anymore, I am here to tell you my story about that time in my life, the time that I felt so small I felt like I did not matter to anyone anymore, to now and I will be continuing to run toward A life I now see how wonderful and how peaceful life should be and that this nightmare did not take hold of me and the way I live my life. I now know that I am stronger than this darkness that made me feel so low in life. Now God is showing me how I am turning into someone great and how I am small no more.”


Jessica Sliker“As most of my friends and family know, I’m not an open book.  By that I mean I don’t like talking about my feelings.  The reason for that is cuz I have really always gotten bullied.  It started with teasing in the 5–7th grades.  But I’ll never forget the one time I really stopped talking about my feelings:  It was 8th grade, and someone who I thought was my friend told me I was a waste of life and that I should just shut up when people who were more important than me were around. 

Now for almost everyone in this room this is the first time you’ve heard this and it’s because for awhile I believed her.  I started losing my faith in God, not because I didn’t love him but because I was convinced that he didn’t love me.  I thought if God really loved me, then why would he put me through this much pain and torment?  It’s like my faith was in fact as small as a mustard seed.  A few weeks went by after that day where I was this person who never talked; I didn’t even really talk to my friends.  I would lie to my family when they would ask me if I was ok.  Many times they believed me. 

Then one day my mom took me to church. Then I started going most of the Sundays that we could make it.  I learned that God does love me and that he will accept me for who I am, not who I was convinced I was.  I was slowly feeling my faith renew in God.  Then I got to high school where I was made fun of for the jeans I was wearing and my weight and that if I ever wanted to be pretty, it would take a miracle.  For having been through this much torment and despair for so long it crushed me to hear these things, and I started finding myself in the same place, where I thought God didn’t love me and that I should just give up, but instead…I joined the church. 

I haven’t felt more happy in my life.  I don’t wear make-up because I’m beautiful without it.  To quote Lady Gaga, “I’m beautiful in my way cuz God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track cuz, baby, I was born this way.”  For me this lyric feels right and I now have faith bigger than a mustard seed.  Instead of the mustard seed, my faith is a big as the mustard tree.” 

Christian Women's FellowshipCWF YEARLY REPORT

(7/1/11 - 6/12/12)

CWF’s one group, Hannah, meets at the church on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:30am.  New member would be so welcome!

We held five bake sales and one buckeye candy sale this year, giving us an income of $1170.70.  We are so thankful for the generous support of everyone.



The Following Contributions Were Made This Year:
10/03/11          Christmasships – Church Women United                              $     50.00
10/15/11          Cleveland Christian Home “Partnership Challenge”              $2,000.00
01/06/12          Church Finance Council – Basic Mission Finance                 $1,000.00
01/06/12          Church Women United                                                           $     65.00
01/06/12          Global Women Connecting – Dues                                        $     10.00
05/11/12          Lease Coin Offering – Church Women United                      $     27.23
06/04/12          Blessing Box Offering – Church Finance Council                 $   121.28

Other Projects Done This Year:

12/02/11          Contributed 60 deodorants, 53 bottles of lotion, 29 bars of soap, 40 toothbrushes, 144 tubes toothpaste, 14 bottles of shampoo, 19 wash clothes, 69 combs, 4 hand towels for grooming kits distributed by NNEMAP at Christmas.

12/04/11          Collected clothing for Christmas for four people from Cleveland Christian Home.

12/09/11          Packed 223 containers of cookies for NNEMAP (food pantry) for Christmas.

12/11/11          Collected items for Angel Tree, also mittens, scarves, and hats.

12/20/11          Collected items for baby layette program for Church Women United.

12/24/11          Several members made Chrismons given to each family at Christmas Eve Service.

We collect bar soap and toilet paper for NNEMAP at each of our Hannah meetings.

We furnished food for three funeral dinners this year.


Thanks to the success of our bake sales and some generous donations, on 5/8/12, we purchased a 30” double oven (regular & convection).  This unit will replace the old four ovens which we plan to donate to Habitat for Humanity.  We plan to have this project completed this summer.

Esther Love, President

Reported by Erma Van Keuren, Treasurer

Jason Conley, Air Force, deployed
Michael Davis, Coast Guard Reserve, son-in-law of Marcia Hetrick.
Ben Eichel, Army, son of Melanie Stein, serving in Afghanistan.
Seth Goddard, Megan Lynskey's brother, deployed to Afghanistan.
Anthony Hartley, Army, son of John and Sandy Stigall, friend of Marnie Schultz.
Sean Hughes, nephew of Margot Connor.
Bill Kossick, son-in-law of John and Marsha Mueller, Air Force.
Megan Long, Louisiana National Guard, granddaughter of Bonnie Furr.
BryonStumph, son of Cheryl Stumph.
Cameron Thomas, Army, deployed, family member of Bonni Korcok.
Nancy Lamielle’s three great-nephews:  Evan Crowgey, Marine;
Brian Mehnert, Army; 
Adam Ward, Navy.
Kim McGinty’sbrother, Jonathan Marsh, Warrant Officer, National Guard;
& sister-in-law’s brother, Caleb Bohon, Army.
Joe DeWitt’snephew, Michael Branham, Army, Sgt. 1st  Class;
Professor of Military Science at Westpoint Army Military Academy.

Neighborhood Mentoring Program


It started as “Kumba’s project!”  The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mentoring Program began as part of a program that Kumba Lebbie envisioned as she was finishing up her degree at Ohio Christian University. 

In the Fall of 2011, she began to meet with a few members of our church to talk about having relationships with our “neighbors” who do not attend church, but have great needs.  The need that she recognized is the need for tutoring of children.

In January, we began with about 8 children and 4 volunteers.  The first time we met in the narthex.  It quickly became clear that we needed more space, so we have moved into the Fellowship Hall for what is now a weekly experience of mentoring and being mentored by our neighbors.  Our Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mentoring Program has from 8 to 20 children come every week to be loved and taught by about 6 to 8 volunteers.

Over the past months we have evolved into an organized program that offers any child who comes to our church supper, a story, and interaction with caring adults.  Our “mentoring” comes in many forms: teaching the alphabet, learning to write your letters, playing games, gardening, coloring, and crafts.  The most important part of our time together, however is the relationships that we are forming with mothers and children in our community.

In addition to the time spent with the children, we also offer the mothers an opportunity to have coffee and conversation with each other and one of our volunteers.  It is a time for sharing each other’s lives and burdens.

The program meets every Thursday from 6 – 7pm.  If you are interested in coming and seeing what we are doing, you are very welcome to join us:   The More the Merrier!  Bring a child with you. 


Acts of Faith Yard Sale - August 11th
Family Fun Day - August 18th
Join us for the Northland International Community Festival worship service Sunday afternoon August 25th

I want to thank every one who came to the funeral and visiting hours for Clyde.  Also thanks for the many cards I received and food from CWF. 

In Christian Love,                       Essie Perkins



To learn that someone had said prayers for me, even when I had not asked for prayers and had not been aware that those prayers were being said, is so very special and touching; very humbling.  Thank each of you sincerely. Those prayers help! 

Love,         Ella Mae 


Contact Bonni Korcok, 

KRCC Secretary

at bonni.korcok@gmail.com 

  or call 614-888-3444   



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